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The Dating Game For Those Over 50

When I first started dating my husband we were mere kids at 18 years of age, life was a whole lot easy then and all it involved was a note slipped to me in class to ask if I wanted

Many Men Have Thought About Russian Dating

Many men at some time or other have been attracted to Russian women, either after seeing photos of them in the media or hearing stories from friends, there has always been an attraction to these beautiful Russian women. Russian women

Singles’ Dating Styles Across the UK

We all have our own opinions when it comes to love and dating, but are they affected by where we come from? According to recent research, the answer is ‘yes’. The LoveGeist Report 2009, a study of over 16,000 people

On-line Personals Sites, Web Dating Sites, Waste Of Time?

On-line “Mail Order Brides” Scam or Real? You may have seen the ads, “meet the love of your life, Russian girls looking ahead to you”, or “Philipina princesses wanting for his or her prince” etc. These ads selling directories of

Why Dating Abroad is not for Losers

Are we who date abroad losers? To those who consider us losers, here is our answer: We have discovered that love and sex are commodities as any others and they both obey market trends and the laws of supply and

Why Dating Russian Women Could Be Challenging

Dating Russian women became very popular and there are a number of reasons for that. Most Russian women are well-educated, they take good care of themselves, have strong family values and are good dedicated wives. However, dating Russian or Eastern