Realization of Hate during Dating Relationships


When do you know whether you love someone or you hate anyone? How do you separate hate from jealousy? Is jealousness related to hate and love? They are legitimate concerns, but they all depict something about human beings. The fact is that hate and love are both feelings that are true to the human heart, in everything that pertains to relationships, even if in dating. To realize your capacity of love, how much you cannot stay from someone, how much you cannot stop from loving someone, you better begin by determining the quotient of hate you have for the person you love.

Love is just that it gives you a feeling which essentially translates in so many hues. Love is like what Sir Isaac Newton discovered about the light prism, where many colors, like those of the rainbow, are brought into life if light is directed in a specific way. It is what love does, more so in dating issues. Think of a person who loves another, perhaps a girl who cannot stay from a specific man, because there is a strong feeling of adoration that she feels. Her heart has been hit by a tornado of love, and something else.

The typhoon of hate is also in the center of a love tornado. Once love has been directed to one source or one way, from a person’s heart, you cannot ignore the fact that what the love prism will occasion will be the consequences of love in different faces. You will be able to see endearing in what it is. Love is like an axe and the person wielding it the lover. Once the axe whacks on a log of wood, the chunks of wood are thrown far and wide. Dating makes one realize that love that is occasioned has one of its results being hate. You don’t have to be the one feeling the hate; you might as well as be another person who has been affected by the love you have for someone.

Most people have come to realize that the truest feeling about love and life is ultimately hate. You have perhaps realized that to describe the kind of endearing feeling you have is very hard, for instance to say how much you love a person. It is not that easy to say how much you love someone or whether you love them or not. On the other hand, whether in dating or not, you will feel the full impetus of hate when you have it within yourself.

It is something that is more true, warm and serious than love itself. Hate is what makes love what it is. You cannot ignore hate when what you are feeling is not love. The fact is that love and hate have a way of setting you up with the truth about yourself. They are two things that have never had a truce, and they are not lukewarm. You feel one and the other one is absent.


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