Making Classified Dating Work For You

A lot of people seem to think that any other means of meeting people for relationships, other than the conventional face-to-face method of introductions, conversations, and eventually dates will more than likely end up a failed endeavor. What these people don’t realize is that other alternative avenues of dating can work just as well as the conventional method. This article aims to enlighten you on classifieds dating and how you can make it work for you.

Chances are, if your date was from the classifieds, you’ve probably communicated with them via online chats or emails, and that is about the extent of you knowing anything about them. And if you’ve already made arrangements for a date it’s probably cause you’ve both got the same interests, and perhaps you might even have felt a little chemistry going on as you chatted on Skype or the traditional landline or cellphone.

But then you start getting the jitters. You get nervous. You wonder, “What should I expect out of this?” You wonder if they’re expecting something from you, perhaps more than you can or care to deliver. You wonder if they’ll notice your flaws. You start getting insecure about yourself, about the upcoming date, and you can’t help but think that for some reason it will all end disastrously.

Stop right there.

Self-doubt isn’t going to help you one bit. The only way it would help you is to help turn you into a complete emotional wreck just before the date, and then inevitably you’ll make a fool of yourself by coming across as a worry-wart, or worse, an insecure, paranoid person. No one is attracted to such traits, and you’ll be self-sabotaging yourself if you give in to those negative thoughts.

The best way of going about the entire affair is to think that you aren’t the only nervous one. More likely than not, your date will be just as nervous, because it would be the first time that the both of you have met each other, and there are a lot of unknown variables involved in the first meeting.

Go in with minimal expectations, don’t expect the world out of the first meeting. There is a saying, “Expectation begets disappointment”, so if you don’t expect anything much how can you be disappointed by the eventual outcome? Set your sights realistically, and keep in mind that first meetings are often uneventful, but if you’re lucky you just might end up with a memorable first date.

Relax and keep things casual, concentrate on getting to know your date a little better. The more you focus on yourself, the more you’re likely to make a mistake and trip over your own proverbial foot, and eventually ruining the entire date for both yourself and your date. The reason the other person agreed to the date was in all likelihood due to them liking your personality, so let a bit of it shine through for them in conversations.

Keep conversation topics light, peppered with a little wit and humor here and there. Everyone enjoys a joke or two, but remember never to go overboard with the humor so as to appear crude and distasteful. There is no bigger turn off than a crude person with no good sense.

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