How to Stop Making Stupid Mistakes When Dating Women – Dude, Stop Sabotaging Yourself

We can spend all day talking about girls who flake out and the illogical, absurd reasons why they dump men, but there’s something that we cannot deny. Men are not totally off the hook; most of the time, they make mistakes when talking to girls, without realizing that their actions turn women off.

Top 3 Stupid Mistakes When Dating Women – Stop Making Them!

1. You turn into the perfect wuss after a few minutes

Let’s suppose you know how to approach a woman but you don’t know how to keep her attention. As you continue dating and trying to pick up babes in bars and clubs, you will realize that the approaching part is just the tip of the iceberg.

You must understand one fact about women: their attention span is so limited that they’ll say ‘next’ inside their heads as soon as you show signs of being too needy or too desperate. It’s safe to say that women will entertain most men for a few seconds before they decide to ignore some of these men completely.

You must keep a girl’s attention for longer than a few minutes. You can do this by building rapport, teasing her, touching her every now and then on the arm and magnetizing her with your words and body language.

2. You miss all the hints she’s sending out

Women flirt back, believe it. If you’ll stop worrying about your lines and which jokes you should tell next, you will notice that she’s looking at you a certain way and she’s moving closer progressively.

If you miss all these, you can bet she’s going to assume that you simply want ‘friendship’ with her.

3. You stick to small talk longer than necessary

Yes, you can talk about the weather, but only for a while. A woman gets bored with men who cannot move past small talk and who cannot steer the conversation to more interesting topics.

When you have her full attention, turn on the hypnotic talk! If you don’t know how, there’s a system that teaches men how to use hypnosis on women, and this system is called fractionation.

Fractionation is a technique where you bring the woman through an emotional rollercoaster, and at the same time make her feel ‘addicted’ to you. Known to be able to make women fall in love deeply in 15 minutes, it is a technique which has been known to be super controversial.