How to Find Mr Right by Dating Without Drama

You might be reading this and thinking, “I’d rather be scrubbing the grout on my toilet than venturing out on a date with another loser.” Or maybe you had a good guy but he vanished from the face of the earth and you can’t figure out why. It seemed to be such a connection and just disappeared with no explanation. How would you like to finally attract Mr. Right? The one that will not leave and absolutely adore you. Wouldn’t it be great to have your man smitten with you?

Maybe you are in a relationship, but it seems to be hitting a brick wall at every turn, always leaving you with a nagging feeling that something just isn’t right. You feel you are a great girlfriend, yet he just doesn’t make the effort and you are left feeling hurt and resentful It’s enough to make a girl stay in and watch reruns of ‘Sex and the City.’ (Hey, you’re watching OTHER women date… close enough, right?)

The secret to find Mr. Right is in your attitude. You can learn how to sit back, relax and have them come to you. As the woman in any relationship, you are the selector. Learn how to use this power and attract great men in your life, not the losers who don’t have a clue what a real relationship is all about. You can take the power back in your love life and find Mr. Right. But first you may have to change some of your behaviors.

Often we women when we feel a man slipping out of our grasp, our instinct is to pull them back in. Be nicer, call them, show them how much we care and just over accommodate. These behaviors are what pushes the man away. Learn how to do the opposite of you instincts and draw men to you. Men are wildly attracted to a woman who is confident and a little hard to get.

Well, I’m here to tell you that dating doesn’t have to be a chore. With the right mindset, you can actually ENJOY being single and looking for the right man! You can also approach the days, weeks and months AFTER your date with a new found sense of confidence. You can date and have fun doing it and watch as the men are just drawn to you.

In fact, if you approach dating with the sense that no ONE date has to result in a long-term relationship, you’ll eventually find exactly what you’re looking for in a man. You will not be sitting by the phone waiting on him to call. You will not be wondering if he is going to call or not. You are going to become a man magnet by learning to date without drama. You are going to have them chasing you as you are worth it. The best thing is by dating without drama, you will attract Mr. Right.

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