Dating Tips For Noobs – Setting the Mood With Your Woman

Men often get nervous when it comes to asking their woman out on a date. They wind up worrying about issues such as “what should I say”, “what should I do”, “what if she doesn’t like my nose, my mum said it’s cute though!” They worry so much that they allow an issue of far greater importance to remain untouched. Yes, this is the issue of setting the mood with your woman.

To set the mood right, you would first need to know a little (at least) about your date. What she likes. What she doesn’t like. The simplest approach for you to take would be to consider what you feel she finds romantic, and do your best to create that for her. Don’t worry about being perfect. The fact that you thought about her and even made an effort to impress her and make her feel truly special shows that you care for her and recognise her worth.

Making such preparations would definitely work in your favor. Moreover, they require relatively little time to accomplish. Remember, when it comes to a woman, often the smallest gestures have the greatest impacts. A fitting example here would be a cozy little fruit picnic by a lake or the beach; where you produce a basket of different purple-color-painted fruits (assuming her preference in color is purple and she likes fruits). Yeah, and add a bottle of wine too 😉

You could also choose to bring along your portable CD player, complete with your collection of romantic songs, as well. This would achieve “setting the mood with your woman” for a memorable evening that neither of you would be able to easily forget. Preparations: Just don’t forget to turn on your TV for the weather forecast and be sure to remember to toss in a blanket!

Another suggestion I have for you is a candlelit meal consisting of her favorite foods and dessert over at your place. When planning this evening, be sure to have soft, romantic music setting the ambiance and a nice bottle (okay, maybe 10) of wine. If you should know what her favorite flowers are, a couple of those in a bottle would be an extremely nice little extra touch. The meal could be her favorite dish you prepared yourself (or heck! ordered and picked up from a restaurant p.s. she doesn’t have to know). Note: A personal tip I have for you – When using this setting, consider taking her out to a movie first before coming back to your place for dinner. This would make you seem less like an I-WANNA-GET-HER-INTO-MY-BED-kinda guy.

So long as you’ve put in effort to choose what she likes, I’m sure it’s gonna be a huge hit! Lastly, if your place tends to be a little messy, clean that sty up (and no, not after the date)!

Hope you’ve found reading my article “Dating Tips for Noobs – Setting the Mood with Your Woman” enjoyable,
Good luck!