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Many Men Have Thought About Russian Dating

Many men at some time or other have been attracted to Russian women, either after seeing photos of them in the media or hearing stories from friends, there has always been an attraction to these beautiful Russian women. Russian women

Why Dating Abroad is not for Losers

Are we who date abroad losers? To those who consider us losers, here is our answer: We have discovered that love and sex are commodities as any others and they both obey market trends and the laws of supply and

Should A Single Parent Start Dating Again

There is no problem if a single parent wants to start dating again. In fact it’s good if they give a thought to it, as it’ll help them come over the loneliness they might be going through. It’s not easy,

Thanksgiving Is A Dating Opportunity

Growing up on the stories of the Great Depression, my father entertained us with the trials of how he and mother caught a ride with someone coming to the West Coast.  There wasn’t room in the car for their belongings

The Loser’s Guide to Dating

Have you heard of the Law of Averages? It is a belief that an event is due to happen. In dating, this is most of the time an advantage and sometimes, a burden. When you seem to fail in the

Clues For Understanding Women Dating

The purpose of this short reading is to give some advice for understanding women dating. Showing self-confidence and a neat appearance is something many women find attractive; if you follow these tips you will become more interesting for women. In